L’Ecole d’Eté sur les RFID se tiendra sur Valence du 26 au 30 Octobre 2015


The Grenoble Institute of Technology is one of Europe’s leading technology universities, at the heart
of innovation from more than a century. It is involved in major development projects such as
Minatec, or the Minalogic (micro and nanotechnology and embedded software) and TEneRRDIS
(renewable energy) industrial clusters. With its solid combination of teaching, research and
business promotion, it plays a key role in making Grenoble one of the most attractive scientific and
industrial locations worldwide.
Lifelong learning is a touchstone of Grenoble Institute of Technology, from bachelor’s degree to
ongoing professional development. 11 engineering degree courses are on offer in key engineering
sciences and Grenoble INP also runs masters and doctorate schools. 1,100 hundred engineers are
awarded bachelor’s degrees each year and 170 doctorates are also awarded. The
integrated preparatory course, jointly run by Grenoble Institute of Technology and its sister institutes
in Nancy and Toulouse, provides an access course for high school leavers wanting to study
engineering at Grenoble Institute of Technology. Finally, the professional development department
serves professionals throughout their career, with a wide range of short and long-term courses to
meet their needs.
With 38 laboratories, some of which are shared with the CNRS (French national scientific research
centre) and the other three Grenoble universities, research is one of Grenoble Institute of
Technology’s strengths.

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